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Veodin KeyRocket: Great way to learn keyboard shortcuts | Excel For Consultants

Veodin KeyRocket: Great way to learn keyboard shortcuts

Written by Peter Albert on . Posted in Advanced user, Expert, Shortcuts, Starter

I recently got the opportunity to install the trial version of Veodin KeyRocket. It’s a small program to observes how you use Excel, other office programs and some other programs (e.g. Windows Explorer, Gmail in Chrome (using a separate extension), Visual Studio). If you’re using the mouse to access any functionality more than a few times, a small unobtrusive information box shows up at the bottom of your screen:

Ctrl-F4: Closes the selected workbook window.

Being a shortcut nazi myself, I really thought I knew most of them, but boy, was I wrong! It took a mere 5 days until I got the full version for 99€. But you can savely test it for free: only after you learnt/applied 5 recommended shortcuts, you’ll be asked to register.

Check with your IT department. I know of some consultancies that already bought licences for their consultants but only install it upon request! Also, for members of [Affenium](http://www.affenium.com), licenses are available.

Neat bonus feature: with the latest update, you can now define your own shortcuts for functionality you use often but cannot access with a shortcut. Especially useful in PowerPoint, where custom shortcuts so far were almost impossible/annoyingly difficult to set.

Disclaimer: I’m not affiliated with Veodin, but reached out to Veodin’s director Jan Mechtel after trying out KeyRocket. They have pretty impressive skills when it comes to deeply integrating software into Windows – so check them out if you need some hardcore development expertise…

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Peter Albert

Worked 5 years as Consultant and Project Manager at McKinsey & Company and Bain & Company. Now builds Excel, other models and web applications for consultancies and other clients - and provides Excel training to consultants at all skill levels.

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